Age of Mythology: no fog-of-war, transparency & custom resolutions

When you happen to have an integrated Intel HD graphics card, Age of Mythology refuses to let you change the screen resolution to anything useful, nor use 32 bits per pixel. This is a simple outdated auto-config problem you can fix very easily.

  1. Go to the Age Of Mythology folder (in Program Files).
  2. Go the the “gfxconfig” folder (or “gfxconfig2” folder if you use the extension)
  3. Rename i485.gfx to i485.gfx.bak (just to be sure)
  4. Copy geforce3.gfx as i485.gfx (to use optimal configuration)
  5. If you want a custom resolution, open the file and edit the available resolutions
    --> Remove all resolutions except the one you want because otherwhise it may not work
    --> So, keep only the 0=1600x900x32 line if you want a 1600x900 resolution.
  6. Start the game. Just to be sure, you may want to start the game using an administrator-enabled command line with the following instruction:
    aomx.exe xres=1600 yres=900 bpp=32 +noIntroCinematics
  7. Enjoy!


This is a reminder the first integrated Intel HD graphics card were very sucky… and that you should never hard-code non-overridable automatic configurations in any of your programs :-)

Published on 2013-06-25 under ALL


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