Daily Biomedical NLP Papers: New Resources

You can find recent Biomedical NLP papers on my dedicated Mastodon account and now also in my brand new HuggingFace collection. Keep reading for more details!

It is now been a year that I have started collecting, every day, the new Biomedical NLP papers published on the ArXiv website, and summarizing their abstract on my Mastodon account, ArxivHealthcareNLP@sigmoid.social.

I have now started automatically synchronizing this account with an HuggingFace collection, Biomedical NLP papers. This new collection takes all the posting from the Mastodon account for which the linked paper is already published on HuggingFace, adds them to the collection, and copies the summarized abstract from the Mastodon post as a note.


This enables people who do not want to see all the latest publications, but only the most popular ones, to follow a more curated collection instead of a stream of all papers. Of course, this means that some papers might take several weeks (or never) actually make it into the collection.

Thanks go to Alfiya Khabibullina for writing the automatic conversion scripts in Python.

Published on 2023-12-03 under ALL, AI, HEALTH, NLP


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