CSS Grid Polyfill Level 1

It’s been a while already that a vast majority of web designs have been, consciously or not, based on the concept of the grid layout. However, the formatting toolbox of the web did not, until recently, provide developers with the so-critical grid layout.

Now, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and can’t continue waiting. That’s why I’ve been working on a piece of javascript you can add to any modern browser in order to add support for CSS Grids. Today, I’m releasing a first version to you, as part of larger css-polyfilling plans.

Published on 2014-11-02 under ALL, WEB, CSS, JS, EXTWEB

Element Media Queries (:min-width)

On the eve of HTML Web Components, and of stronger than ever Responsive Design requirements, the need for Element Media Queries is becoming very visible. This blog post will try to make a case for a JavaScript prollyfill and gives some background on why the :min-width pseudo-class is so difficult to implement.

Published on 2013-04-17 under ALL, CSS, WEB

The future of web innovation

Back in early 2010, I made a lightening talk on how I thought a new kind of innovation process started to drive the web forward. Today, I think this model is becoming more and more the predominant model of evolution of web standards.

Published on 2012-11-17 under ALL, CSS, HTML, JS, WEB

Rebooting CSS Variables [CSS Custom Properties]

Many subjects are being discussed in the CSS Working Group. So many subjects, in fact, that you can't get involved in all of them. However, some are more critical to the future of the CSS language than others. And I truly believe that the current css-variables discussion is one of them.

Published on 2012-06-26 under ALL, CSS, WEB